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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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his tail dyed. how often does he need maintenance to look like a lion? >> about once every four months. >> at least he's no cowardly lion. ♪ it's enough to give a dog a split personality. no wonder folks are in an uproar. charlie may not be an mgm trademark, he's already made his mark and he's only 3. jeanne moos, cnn. >> he's the most friendliest labalion you're going to find. >> i was trying to figure out if there was any lion joke that she didn't fit into that piece. >> she wasn't lying. she was telling the truth. >> i couldn't think of a single lion joke to end with. >> does a great job. studies every little frame of that video. remember, you can follow us on
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twitter. that's it for us, erin burnett that's it for us, erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- next, joe biden's task force on gun policy officially convened today. why he says the white house might have to go it alone. plus, new developments in the aurora theatre shooting. prosecutors say james holmes intended to kill every single person inside the theert that night and "time" called new jersey governor the master of disaster. does it add up? let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, executive power. here's the vice president today talking about what the president is is going to do about guns. >> the president is going to act through executive orders, executive action can be taken.
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we haven't decided what that is yet, but we're compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required. >> as i said, there are some out there who adore the second amendment, who are very worried about what joe biden just said. executive action can be taken. they're looking into it with the attorney general. what executive action can be taken? >> article 2 of the constitution gives the president the power to issue executive orders and it has been done a number of -- it started out slow. george washington proclaimed thanksgiving. >> i'd be all about that. >> but after that, we see some really big ones. arguably, lincoln freed the slaves with an executive order. . eisenhower helped desegregate public schools after the brown versus education order. roosevelt interned japanese
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americans. so, there's a lot of -- reagan by the way, banned abortions in military hospitals. executive order. so, a lot of big policies have started out as executive orders, but overrule iing the second amendment, it's a tough concept. >> i ban -- or something like that. >> he can't do that. he has power of the executive branch. and he can, i can come up with ways that he can do it. he could ban the military from participating in sporting events with the nra where these assault rifles are used. he could ban funding of certain programs. there are ways he can work around the edges of gun control, but i cannot see how he would ban weapons outright. >> first of all, reality check. an executive order cannot supersede the constitution. so, everyone just chill out. we have a lot of record as paul just said, of executive orders being done -- w. had 291
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executive orders. again, reality check. in terms of what the president could do, in some ways, it's consistent with what the nra calls for. three things the president could do. one, prosecute criminals who lie on their background checks. 71,000 people lied on their background checks in 2009. the justice department only prosecuted 77 of them. less than 1%. that's one thing the president could do. number two, there's another one, national institute of criminal background checks. this happened after virginia tech and the nra was instrumental in pushing for this. it said we need to make sure that mental background checks are coordinated so that virginia tech killer might have been stopped. and then president bush signed it, nra backed it, gets less
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than 5% of the funding necessary. atf director, we've been six years without an atf director. it's ridiculous. >> to your point, an executive order can't supersede the constitution. i'm not an expert on this, just hearing what you say at face value. so, you have roe v. wade and he bans abortions in military hospitals. there's a second amendment -- >> the order limited abortions. he allowed them in cases of incest or rape, but he limited them otherwise. >> all that becomes a topic of discussion. aren't guns the same thing? >> but he had authority over federal hospitals. he was the administrator of the federal hospital and by the way, it was subsequently overturned.
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congress can overturn an executive order and they frequently do. i think you going to see us working around the edges here. you're not going to see a ban on military weapons in civilian hands because how would he enforce it? >> and again to the point here that john made, you got to, you can enforce what you have br you start to add new things. thanks very much to both of you. now, let's talk to a lawmaker with a plan of his own to stop gun violence. senator richard blumenthal of connecticut. you're proposing a bill on ammunition background checks and i want to talk about that in a moment, but first, i want to talk about this issue. there are a lot of gun laws in america. brookings has put the number at 300. some have said it's as high as 20,000, but a department of justice study found that 80% of inmates obtained their guns illegally. so 80% of inmates for gun laws obtained their guns illegally.
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isn't the first thing to do to enforce the laws we have? >> absolutely right. terrific point and tit's a poin that i make constantly because my background is in law enforcement. i was attorney general of the state of connecticut for 20 years and a federal prosecutor as united states attorney for four and a half years. the best laws on the books are dead letter unless enforced, so we need more resources. absolutely right. boat at the state and federal level to enforce existing laws and if that executive action or order involves more resources or more vigorous enforcement of existing laws, improving that national database, the national enforcement criminal background system, all to the better. >> so, you're saying the executive order, that the president could do, could be you know, putting more people, more resources, more money into existing laws. >> well, he may need an
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appropriation from congress for major amounts of money, but remember, we're not talking about huge amounts of funding. the national database appropriation last year was $5 million. that's million. not billion. $5 million, which is a drop in the bucket for the connecticut state budget, not to mention the national budget. but here's the main thing. i proposed a bill that would involve better enforcement of existing law. right now, it is against the law for certain categories of people to buy both firearms and ammunition. fugitives, felons, people who are seriously, mentally ill. the domestic abuse people who are under court orders cannot buy either firearms or am nix nigs, but the backgrounds are only done on firearm purchases. you can walk into a walmart, buy a supermarket cart full of
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ammunition, pay for it, walk out, no questions asked. and so, all i'm suggesting is we should do background checks when people buy ammunition as well. >> it's a fair point. you talk about certain categories of people can't buy guns, which seems to be part of the problem because when ever there's a mass shooting, it becomes clear to normal americans these people are very sick. they are mentally ill. they haven't been institutionalized, there's been no way to find these people, but yet, they clearly are, to whatever extent you want to say, mentally ill. what can we do about that? >> here are a couple of points. first of all, someone who buys, for example, 1,000 rounds of ammunition or more, is probably someone who should be of interest to local law enforcement. >> fair point. >> at some point. >> yeah. >> and particularly if that person has a background of
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mental illness, law enforcement should know about those purchases. there are other ways to know whether someone is seriously mentally ill. we're not talking about someone who is just seeking treatment. but there are indicators that should be the basis for action as there are in the current law, it is not enforced and again, to your point about enforcement, laws that involve mental illness that is so serious that it could include confinement, auought toe a trigger and here's one more way that the laws can really work effectively. the state of connecticut has a tlau provides for seizure of weapons. literally, seizure by police of weapons from people who pose a danger to themselves or others. there's then a court process. that person can in effect get their guns or firearms back if they convince a judge that they've been wrongly seized.
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so, that kind of seizure law, unique to connecticut right now, is one that can be broadened to other states across the country. >> i know maryland has one similar. thank you very much. he has put forth an ammunition background check. whether you think the issue now is is more about enforcement or adding new laws to address existing loopholes or problems. next, another woman in president obama's cabinet decides to hang up the cleats. meanwhile, the white house tries to frame this story. frame is a purposely chosen word. and makes a pr fumble. yesterday, the one and only suspect in the benghazi attack was released. a militant group met him with a celebration. and steroids. have they changed the way baseball sends players to the hall of fame? today, one man who voted against huge stars, he says yes.
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attention "the new york times." this shows, this is why i said the frame. like the frame of the picture. the president is meeting with his top advisers. now, valerie jarrett is in that picture. i see a lot of white guys, but if you take a closer look, you can see a portion of her leg, wow, really? whoever found that works hard. okay. there's that guy's butt and her leg. now, the picture was taken about two weeks ago, but shortly after the picture was published, this was the white house photo of the day. the president and his senior advisers. three women in the picture, all very visible. "outfront" tonight, charles blow and former pentagon official, rosa brooks. charles, let me start on this first hilda solis resigning. there's one fewer woman in the cabinet. was very interesting that the white house then announced that a woman, an african-american and
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an asian were staying. so, clearly this conversation is is being registered there. >> absolutely. i think that you would like to see as much diversity as possible. racial diversity, whatever else kind of diversity, in any cabinet, this one included. that said though, i think that you know, it's important to understand the entire context of what "the new york times" said in that story. one thing they said was that 46% of obama's appointees have been women and that's a very important issue. and that you know, he has had two big appointments, you know, the biggest thing a president can do is to nominate a supreme court justice. obama's had two shots. >> fair point. >> both have been women. and that and he appointed as his secretary of state, the woman, a woman and not just any woman, but what his chief rivals. would have done it again were it not for republican opposition to
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susan rice. and so i think you'd have to be really fair about how we paint this portrait of what's happening. >> one thing that strikes me, when you look at any organization, let's take the white house, the cabinet. there's all kinds of positions that are quote unquote management. there's more vps in most companies than there are mds and it keeps going up. when you look at the fence, the cia and state and treasury, there's no women. >> no. >> to charles' point. he was going to try to nominate susan rice, but does he need a woman in one of those positions? >> i sure think it would be nice to see a woman in one of those positions. i think charles' point, it's obviously fair that almost half of the presidential appointees overall have been women, but when you look at the top, you see a really different story and this is not unique to the government. this is true in fortune 500 corporations. this is true in education.
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no matter where you look, you see something similar. if you look at the lower levels, you see an almost even split between women and men, but as you go higher and higher, the women start disappearing. i think the white house and cabinet are some of the most visible positions in the united states and it is important for the president to set the tone and say we're not going to be just like any other corporations. we're going to try to make sure we have some fantastic women at the top. there have been some. there could be more. >> charles, i'm going to pull up another picture. this is a picture that i think struck a chord with a lot of us. this is the night of the capture and killing of osama bin laden. it's the one where all the mens are kind of arms across them staring and hillary clinton has her hand over her mouth and there was such a brouhaha over this and criticism about it that she had to come out and say it was allergies and not emotions.
4:19 pm
>> that's unfortunate. >> first of all, what's wrong with feeling emotion and why would it be a dreg torre thing for a woman, but let's be honest, it still is. >> and i don't think she's the only person showing emotion. she may be showing a different emotion, but we are all human beings. we all have emotional baggage to take into any job that we do. just because aggression might be associated with one group of people and some other emotion might be associated with others, doesn't make aggression the best thing. it's important to remember that we are human beings and however we react, as long as we're doing the job well and no one could argue that hillary clinton has not done the job of secretary of state very well. she has an incredibly high approval rating because of that. i think that is the measure of her performance and not kind of any kind of emotional response. >> great to see both of you. appreciate it. 12 people murdered in the
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our third story "outfront," a plan to quote kill them all. prosecutors say 25-year-old james holmes didn't care who he
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killed when he went into a crowded movie theert. 12 were killed. the preliminary hearing, which is going to determine if the case goes to trial, ended today. prosecutors presented more evidence that they say holmes had been planning the shooting for weeks. ed lavandera has the story. ed, what else did we -- here's ed. >> reporter: six hours before james holmes burst into theert nine, the accused killer snapped self-portraits using his iphone. these are sketches of the photographs shown in court wearing black eye contact, holmes smiled while holding a handgun near his face, fully dressed in the all black gear he'd wear into the theatre. in another, holmes bright orange hair is seen flaring out of a dark cap while he sticks out his tongue. james holmes smiled in court as he looked at the pictures of himself pop up on a tv screen.
4:25 pm
>> he was smiling, he was having a hard time controlling himself, but he's not crazy. one bit. he's very, very cold. he's very, very calculated. >> reporter: prosecutors spent the last three days laying out a detailed timeline. ingators say he started casing the theert about three weeks before the shooting. they say he came here and snapped pictures on his phone. it showed hallways and doors, even the exit area of theatre number nine. james holmes' plan feels more like the deranged creation of a ficti fictional villain. he spent weeks -- times to detonate just before he started the killing spree. >> i know this is all going to
4:26 pm
come down to, and whether he was crazy or not, whether he can stand trial because of his mental state. what other details were there on that front? i know they found some more proof of his planning of this attack on his smart phone. >> reporter: well, when you looked at that phone, there were also pictures taken just a few hours before he would allegedly walk into that theatre and start gunning people down. he had taken pictures of the canisters and shells that were part of the explosive devices he had left in his apartment. he wanted to capture it there on his iphone and a lot of this will boil down, zwrus wla the level of mental illness. >> and still to come, a new jersey state senator said governor chris christie got
4:27 pm
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welcome back to the second
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half of "outfront." we start with stories we care about where we focus on reporting from the front lines and we begin with an update on a story we brought you last nigh. aig's board met and decided not to join a shareholder lawsuit against taxpayers. it was a $25 billion lawsuit initially filed by former ceo. he says the terms of the government's bailout weren't fair. they were loan shark rates. an attorney for greenberg's star international tells -- on behalf of aig shareholders is contrary to the shareholder's interest. boston's mayor has declared a public health emergency. there have been 700 cases of the flu in the boston area since october 1th. that's compared to 70 the prior season. his advice to "outfront," well, wash your hands, try to avoid large crowds and get the flu
4:32 pm
vaccine. more on the flu in a moment. another boeing dream liner has run into problems. canceled after they discovered the problem with the braking smk. this has been fires and fuel leaks and now this. an aviation expert says these issues are typical. passengers don't need to worry and pilots have been operating with an abundance of caution. federal judge has approved a plea deal that will send a business man to joil for trying to exploit parts to iran. he has been sentenced to 33 months in prison. his attorney tells "outfront" he hopes his client will only have to serve four to six months in the united states. hz in the u.k., he thinks he's likely to serve little to no jail time. it has been 524 days since
4:33 pm
the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we going get it back? a source tells cnn, president obama will nominate white house chief of staff to succeed timothy geithner. a hero's welcome for a suspected terrorist. the only person jailed in connection with last september's deadly attack in benghazi is now free. and there is new video we want to show you. so, this is his release. authorities released him. it's been posted on facebook. he was greeted by what we are told, members of the militant group ansar al sharia, who welcomed and embraced him. brian todd is "outfront." what more can you tell us about this video? >> the timing of its release is curious here. we're trying to figure why it was released this week because this week, this man was released in tunisa.
4:34 pm
he is the only known suspect in relation to the attack. they released him this week, citing a lack of evidence. lo and behold, after his release, this video you mentioned is posted on a facebook page of that group. now, that group as you said, is a known militant group. you see the people there greeting him and there is a translated piece of sound from a young man on that tape, which says march, my brother, on the path of jihad, so there is a connection here, apparently between this man who was just leased from custody to this militant group in tunisia. we cannot verify the authenticity. >> at the least, it is frustrating that there's only been one person even taken into custody. never mind that the person was released. i think that upsets a lot of people.
4:35 pm
>> sure does. >> i know you talked to frank wolf of va. what did he tell you about. >> whit: role in the attack? >> that he was on the ground during the attack. and the congressman is very upset at his are release. here's what he had to say. >> he was involved in the attack of the american consulate in benghazi. he was there. so, he's really partially responsible for the death of four americans. secondly, we give the -- >> now, separately, u.s. officials have told us they believe that he was sending details of the attack on social media while it was happening. so that's another reason for the congressman to believe he was on the ground at the time. >> now, one thing that's been the focus of this is the role of al-qaeda, an al-qaeda linked
4:36 pm
group. but i know that you have some new information. this man who's now been released and his brothers links to al-qaeda. >> seems to be a family tie. according to sources, tareq, there's a picture there, this is from the iraqi interior ministry. sources tell us he was involved with the group al-qaeda in iraq. according to the interior ministry, he was one of about 100 detainees who escaped from a prison in iraq in september. he was being jailed and was sentenced to death for his role in attacks in iraq, so there's apparently a family connection between these two brothers and militant groups. again, very frustrating that this man has been released. >> thanks very much to brian todd. and now, the master of disaster. that's what "time" magazine calls chris christie. he is still not done making his
4:37 pm
case. he needs more money, he says. here he is again today. >> sandy is and was above politics. in every other element except for what happened in the congress a week ago and so what i was trying to point out very clearly was there are people suffering in new jersey, in new york, and they need to be taken care of. remember this, matt. we've now waited sech times longer than the victims of katrina waited for federal aid. >> above felix. steve sweeney, a democrat, blasted christie recently saying -- i guess he prayed a lot and got lucky a storm came. i know you apologized for that comment, but do you stand by your sentiment that the governor has been using the storm for his own gain? >> not for political gain, but to hide his record in new jersey. he said i'm going to wipe the slate clean now because of the storm. before the storm hit, we had 9.6% unemployment. we had the second highest
4:38 pm
foreclosure rate in the nation behind florida. our poverty rate has increased 3%. you don't get to wipe the slate clean, governor and quite honestly, if this is your jobs package, it's not a good jobs package. the governor wants to paint a different state than what's going on. >> one thing i have to ask you about this is post crisis bumps happen. as distasteful as it may be, they do happen. it happened to rudy giuliani after 9/11 and president bush. to president obama after superstorm sandy, too. maybe the reality of it is good leaders shine in a time of real crisis. is that something that could describe chris christie? >> i think the governor did a great job and i said it on multiple, multiple occasions. i think he showed leadership and communicated extremely well with the people of the state, but you don't get to wipe the slate clean. what about the 9.6% of the
4:39 pm
people that are unemployed? our rate is much hire than the states around us, so when everyone's unemployment's going down and ours is staying up to where it was when he came into office three years ago, using this storm is saying everything's okay now, it's not. jobs aren't -- we haven't done anything to improve the economy. >> but you have become famous, senator, for working with chris christie. you're the guy, you and he together, these two people who are supposed to hate each other. you guys worked together to take on unions in new jersey. that's something the whole country knows about. sounds like you agree with a lot of what he has done in new jersey. >> listen, we had to get together. honestly, washington's dysfunctional and we can't put our people aside, so we fugt. the idea is to find areas of compromise and most of the stuff we did were things that i spoke about four or five years before the governor came into office
4:40 pm
and was ridiculed by my own party. we have to put the people first and that's what we did and we did search for areas of corp. miz and accomplished a great deal. we haven't found a solution to the economy. >> what do you think the future is for chris christie? he's getting a lot of conversation for 2016. chris christie versus hillary clinton. that could open the door for you. >> i know the governor has been lacking at the national stage for several years. he's done a good job of communicating. he's a person that has, he's got a good personality and you know, i'm not going to say bad things about him personally because there's not bad things to say about him. we find areas to get along with. it's not, you don't have to hate the other side. you know, it's important to put people first and that's wh i've tried to do since i've been there. >> well, thank you very much. roland martin, why are you
4:41 pm
shaking your head? >> that was fascinating as an illustration of chris christie's political skill. sweeney is correct. new jersey has an unemployment rate that's about two percentage points of the be national rate. chris christie has not delivered on a number of issues like property tax relief and also -- there's big structural issues. >> he gets credit around the country for slashing spending and taking on -- >> he did do a tremendous amount. he has a democratic majority in the senate and assembly in the state and he did it by dividing democrats in brilliant ways. he was squirming, yeah, i work with a guy i like, don't want to be too negative about him. also, they're trying to come up with a message, they can't get a candidate who's willing to stick up to this guy. it's incredible. folks in newark, urban educators tend to like him more than suburban educators. you ever all these constituencies that would normally be united against a
4:42 pm
republican governor and they're really confused and divided. it's very impressive. >> well, you know -- >> some democrats would say he does. very true. >> let's remind our viewer of an important thing. this is a national show, okay? it's not like we're dealing with the intrakwasis of new jersey every day. what happen ss there's a thing called a national profile and there's a thing called truth, what happens in your state. on the national profile, when he's on "today" show or cbs this morning or abc or cnn, we're not getting into what's happening in new jersey. what you see with sweeney, he's trying to take some of the shy off christie. they recognize there's a gubernatorial election coming up. i think what sweeney should be doing is saying who is going to be the democratic candidate and how can we create a message in our state, forget national shows. in our state to go chris
4:43 pm
christie. otherwise, it's sour grapes, so stop wasting your time complaining about praying for a storm. find a candidate first, then get a message. >> this raises a really interesting point though, which is that the whole country assumes chris christie is going to run and he's. >> reporter: popular right now. and then when you actually run, people start throwing at you. they did with mitt romney, about his taxes, about the education rank of massachusetts. there were all kinds of things. things like having an unemployment rate 2% higher, that could change. or you could look at these statistics and they could change how you think about how he will do in a republican primary. >> the big thing is that chris christie has this profile where he's saying i'm a problem solver, a bipartisan guy. i get things done, but the thing is that there are two big democratic party bosses in the
4:44 pm
state. that's the reason why he gets things done because those guys with knuckle under the democrats and legislature, that's not how congress works. if he wants to work with democrats in congress, it's not going to work the way it does in jersey. >> maybe it should. maybe that would toughen up those guys in washington. >> we have to remind folks when then senator obama ran for president, what did he do? he touted the bills he had passed along with senate president eme mile jones. that is music to the ears of people voting in campaigns. there's a reality when you get to washington, d.c., what governor krchristie is trying t do -- we're helping governor christie a lot because we're focusing on him and no other republicans. he is trying to ride this wave
4:45 pm
as long as he can because if he can blow somebody away in '13, he is in prime position to raise money and establish support in '14 and '15. >> there's a reason we talk about him. because people like to hear it. he is a different kind of politician than others that people are seen as front-runners. because he also says what he thinks, even when grossly inappropriate. people seem to like hearing that. >> plays against hype. chris christie blows up the map. the red and blue map. just like bill clinton was a guy from the deep south who understood the south, but also a democrat. >> maybe republicans from new england will -- >> that's a very good point. but that's the reason why people are excited about him. >> all right. thanks to you both. see you tomorrow. still to come, no one will be elected to the baseball hall of fame this year.
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our fifth story "outfront," shut out by the baseball hall of fame. all of whom faced accusations of steroid use were not inducted.
4:50 pm
only the eighth time that no new player was added. "outfront" tonight, tom berducci. he's the guy who made the decision. i spoke to him and asked him who he voted for. >> tom, sorry, i want to start with barry bonds. 762 home runs, more than anyone else ever. 1,19rbis. in 2001, a record 73 home runs, more than anyone else ever. the only seven -time mvp in baseball. did you vote for him to join the hall of fame? >> i did not vote for him. it's funny you read off those numbers. i don't even need to know because he was this good. one of those you said that's a hall of famer. well, a hall of fame career, perhaps, but the choice he made to use performance enhancing drugs, to me, that does not define a hall of famer. >> roger clemens, 354 wins, you
4:51 pm
winner, did you vote for roblg roger? >> i did not. some of these guys put up hall-of-fame numbers before they chose to use them. based on your career win totals. that doesn't give you the green light to cheat the game and really, cheat the game. is there any level of steroid use you would accept? >> to me, when you are endorsing the hall-of-fame candidacy, it is the greatest thing you can give them. you are endorsing their career and how they achieved their career. to me, i cannot endorse it on
4:52 pm
any level. >> what about lance armstrong. the new york tims hork timew yo reported that he comes out and admits everything. what will that do? will that change the view of steroid use? >> well, i don't think so. but it is an interesting case. for years there were accusations about him. but, before the 1,000 page report came out, there was no admission or court ruling and no positive tests associated with him. and a lot of people have used that defense to defend it in baseball. i think it is a destructive case to let us know that these guys are ahead of the testers and they do not want to admit. he must be painted into a narrow corner for anybody to come out
4:53 pm
and admit the use. >> do you accept, as somebody who believes that steroid use should not be in the hall-of-fame, that somebody sneaked them in? >> it could have happened. and we don't know the answer. we can only go by what we know. the fact is, there may come a day that someone is in the hall-of-fame and admits to using steroids. i don't know that now. i can only vote on what i do know at this moment. thank you very much. i appreciate you taking the time. >> i'm curious if you can set records of using steroids. now let's thek in with anderson cooper. >> keeping them honest tonight. tackling a story on what should be done about gun rights in this
4:54 pm
country. including this, in san antonio, texas, a shooting that could have been a massacre. if not for the quick thinking of an armed off duty officer. our panel weighs in on all of that. retired stanley mccrystal sharing this thoughts about civilian access to military style weapons. and the war in afghanistan. and tonight's ridiculous as well. and lance armstrong at the top of the hour. >> and tonight we reach out to our sources. tonight the association of prostitution, yes, is offering free english courses but they are also learning about finances and fetishes.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: well, erin, 20 people have already signed up for these classes and i talked to the regional president of the association of prostitutes and she said she expects 300 members to sign up this year. she said the private sector across brazil is getting it's people prepared and well, prostitution is another profession, because it is legal here. the members will have to carry out financial transactions in english here and the classes will be free. so they are also hoping that english teachers will volunteer their time. they say after all, doctors and psychologists already have such deals, erin. >> it has been three weeks since a 25-year-old woman has been raped and murdered in india and
4:56 pm
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the father of a 23-year-old woman who was raped and murdered of a gang of men spoke out today. now, when the victim's father spoke out his face was blurred for his own safety. and it would have been what you expect if he lashed out at the people that murdered his daughter and the